The Complete Customer Experience

Imagine the last time you purchased some products for your company. You did your research, and then you spoke to someone, and then eventually you made the decision. And then you use the product and you needed some service or support for it probably.

Did you think of it as a complete separate list of experiences that you went through? Did you think of it as I’m talking to marketing, I’m talking to sales. Now I’m talking to service. No, you probably thought about it as one single experience, right?

Or you should have.

That’s what you want your own customers to think about working with you. Customers really don’t care about the divide between operational departments. For them, it’s one experience. And that’s what your technology should reflect.

Today. In too many cases. These are disjointed, completely separate tools, or software products that are maybe integrated together better or worse, it doesn’t matter. They’re different. And that difference is reflected in how your customers experience working with you.

The HubSpot platform allows you to deliver that unified experience we’re looking for. It’s one powerful CRM with built in business applications for marketing, sales, service, and customer success, that all speak together the same language, what you’re looking for, is the ability of your service reps, to know everything they need to know about the customer.

They need to know the deal they went through, they need to know the cycle that they went through in order to get to the point of now giving them that service. Maybe they need to know what type of interactions they have with marketing. All that information is available to the service agent because it’s one platform. It’s one tool. It’s one user experience. Everything is one.

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