HubSpot Implementation
& Onboarding

You’ve made the brilliant decision to power your Go To Market efforts with the platform that’s best built for it: HubSpot!

Next step: Choose an onboarding and
implementation partner to go along with it.
Here’s why you need one:

  1. HubSpot will run your most critical business processes, such as:
    • Marketing & Sales Data Ingestion
    • Lead to Deal Lifecycle Management
    • Account & Contact Scoring
    • Sales Handover & Feedback Loops
    • Revenue Attribution

… and many more. You need an experienced eye to prioritize these, map them out and match the system setup to what you actually need to succeed. 

  1. HubSpot will become the centerpiece of your
    Marketing & Sales Tech Stack.

In fact, it is more than likely that HubSpot tools, like Chatbot or Meeting Scheduling, can replace other tools that you pay separately for today.

You need a savvy technical advisor that will review your present and future tech stack and draw the best way, functionally and economically, to fit HubSpot within it.

  1. HubSpot will become the primary tool in your
    Revenue team’s arsenal. Whether you’ve picked:
    • HubSpot as your CRM & Sales Automation stack
    • Hubspot as your Marketing platform
    • HubSpot as your Customer Service software
    • Or any combination of the above

Your success will depend on proper implementation of the suite, and on its maximum adoption by your revenue team users.

You need an onboarding partner that is absolutely obsessed with ensuring that HubSpot delivers the promised value to its customers.

Envy can help you in selecting
which HubSpot product you’re considering.

Then, once you’ve made your decision, you can count on us to get you onboarded quickly & thoroughly. Here’s how we do it:

Onboarding Project:
Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise Edition

  1. Discovery & Planning
  • Business Discovery
  • Systems Discovery
  • Data Discovery
  • Process Design & Plan
  1. Technical Provisioning & System Integration
  • DNS domain integration
  • Web tracking
  • Web form integration
  • Account settings
  • User & team provisioning
  1. Marketing Enablement & Guidance
  • Email template (drag & drop)
  • Landing page template
  • Initial campaign strategy & implementation
  • Basic lead scoring configuration
  • Marketing dashboard setup
  1. Automations
  • Lifecycle stages setup & automation
  • Sales notification on form submission or returning visitor
  1. User Enablement & Handover
  • Admin training session
  • User training
  • Implementation guide

Onboarding Project:
CRM + Sales Hub Professional or Enterprise Edition

  1. Discovery & Planning
  • Business Discovery
  • Data Discovery
  • Object & Process Design
  1. Technical Provisioning


  • Inbox integration
  • Account settings & defaults
  • Default object card views
  • Users & teams
  1. Business Process Configuration & Automations

Set up:

  • CRM Objects & Properties
  • Configure Deal Pipelines & Stages
  1. Sales User Guidance

Guide users in setting up:

  • Meeting Link
  • Gmail/Outlook extension
  • One sales email template
  • One 4-step sequence
  • Mobile app

Note: Includes up to 2 separate Zoom walkthrough sessions, 1 hour each.

  1. Sales Manager Enablement & Guidance


  • Sales Rep Activities Dashboard
  • Sales Performance Dashboard

Note: Up to 5 reports per dashboards

  1. Handover
  • Admin training
  • User training
  • Implementation guide

Note: Total up to 3 hours

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