Envy Case Study: Riskified: Marketing Operations

See how Riskified utilized Envy’s RevOps department to achieve B2B Marketing success. As Riskified’s team grows globally, the demand to support them increases as well. And one of the challenges is to be able to support them in the most efficient and quick way.

When they initially looked to partner with an agency, they really looked for someone who can help them both on the strategic level as well as the tactical level. They wanted someone to kind of come in and be able to be a strategic consultant to look into their marketing automation system help them to think about how to structure is how to build the right architecture and basically, build it in a scalable way.

They also needed help with the tactical side. They wanted to have someone who can come in and help them produce campaigns in a variety of initiatives, including events, digital campaigns, ABM, etc. Most recently, they changed our entire nurturing flows to align with their ABM strategy. Envy helped us to think about the best way to build the right infrastructure, as well as to actually do the implementation and the QA.

They built something that is scalable, that they can later on build on top of and reduced the time to actually bring it to life. It really feels like we’re this one cohesive team and it allows us to have the flexibility that we need.