What Is THE Most Common B2B Marketing PPC Issue?

When new PPC clients come to Envy many of them have been doing some PPC already. And they come saying we’re not getting any leads, why are we not getting any leads?

And we say that’s clear to me, you’ve been targeting really new people, a whole load of people with demo ads straight away, off the bat, demo ads. When we’re going to target a new audience, we can, go straight with them with demo ads, because the chances of them converting is really, really small.

What we need to do is to build a whole funnel. So we start, for example, with brand awareness, for example, with video. And then we continue on with the funnel users who engage with the video, for example, they watched the video till at least 25%, we will then prompt them with another piece of content, for example, a blog that can bring traffic to the website. And then later on, have them all remarketed with the demo ads, hopefully getting them to convert.

So what you’re really doing is you’re getting them to get to know you over time. So by the time they encounter a demo ad they’ve already seen a video about you, they’ve already read something about you, have become familiar with what you do and how you approach it. You’ve whet their appetite, and now they want to hear more.

Before you even start running your PPC ads, you really got to think about how you’re going to get them to your demo ads, how you’re going to convert them, you’ve got to think about how I’m going to raise their awareness about my product, how I’m gonna bring them down the funnel and make them really want to know more exactly this visibility of the funnel will also help us understand where the customers get stuck, where we should optimize and how we can get them down the funnel in the most effective way.