Biggest difference between lead generation and ABM?

With ABM you know who the accounts are will also reveal who are the key accounts, the decision makers, the influencers you should target.

Is Facebook Still Relevant for my B2B Advertising?

Amit Lavi answers the question: Is Facebook still relevant for B2B Marketing?

PPC for B2B eBook

With the growing popularity of inbound marketing, many companies ignore the importance of integrating PPC/Paid Media to amplify their inbound efforts.

B2B Marketing- Amit on LinkedIn Feature Launch

📅 The final countdown 📅 Major release for video and retargeting. Good news spreads quickly, and you heard it here first. On June 16th, our beloved LinkedIn becomes even more practical, measurable and useful to grab MQLs for us B2B marketers. Amit Lavi will be happy to tell you far more.