[On Demand] Nailing B2B Video: The Experts Talk

Everyone knows the importance of video in B2B marketing these days.

If you didn’t know you’ve probably been freezin’ your #$@$ off in Antarctica on a lonely iceberg.

But many of us don’t know how to do it RIGHT, so we’ve brought in the experts – Billy Cina, Envy and Dan Knowlton, Knowlton Marketing.

On our workshop discover:

  • The true impact of video
  • How to track performance KPIs and which ones to choose
  • Case studies (yes, we will have you laughing, promise)
  • How to get started doing videos and how to incorporate them into your content strategy
  • Creative videos and how to do them right

We will share with you professional secrets like which tools to use, what types of video work best and how to achieve similar results for your organization.