Is your company standing out?

How can you demonstrate whether your company is standing out… or outstanding??!! If you’re still reading, chances are you’re fully aware of your company’s messaging problem. And now you’ve been tasked with having a go at fixing it. What a mess.
  • Nobody really understands what your company does.
  • Nor of the difference between your product and your competitors.
  • But where to begin?

Hold it. Envy is here. To help you sort it out.


Not sure what’s going to resonate with your audience? We’ll work with your team on new creative concepts (ads and landing pages) to speed test on paid channels.

  • Review current assets, creatives and messaging
  • Review competitors’ assets and creatives
  • Articulate the painpoints your product solves
  • Brainstorm creative directions
  • Present campaign creative ideation and copy directions
  • Online creative and message testing
  • Work on creative kit which includes
    • Landing page design and copy
    • Set of ad creatives in numerous sizes
    • GIF / MP4 versions (where suitable)
  • Present results
Play Video about is your messaging standing out

Option 2: Brand messaging

For when you know your messaging is all over the place and needs an overhaul, we’ll work with your team on new brand messaging, from start to finish. Here’s what we’ll do, in a nutshell:

  • Step 1: Review your current messaging & competitors’
  • Step 2: Run 2 – 3 workshops with key stakeholders to agree on 

    • Who you are, What you do, Who for
    • Painpoints you alleviate
    • Determine your brand personality
  • Step 3: Speak to customers &/or partners to validate your USP
  • Step 4: Keyword research 
  • Step 5: Start writing, suggest 2 – 3 messaging directions
  • Step 6: Online message testing 
  • Step 7: Present results and continue with one-direction (no singing please)
  • Step 8: Work on copy for finished messaging document


Copy written document that defines the company, positioning statement, its advantage in the market and the problems <Company name here solves>, for which target audiences and how.


​Importantly, this document will set the tone of voice and style for additional marketing materials. This will also include i) Tag line ii) Elevator pitch iii) “Company name” in several lengths (25, 50, 100 words).