Inbound Marketing

Inbound or outbound first?

Inbound or Outbound marketing first? Easily one of the most frequently asked questions.

TL;DR: Outbound will not yield a fraction of the return without decent inbound first.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • The PPC campaign is generating leads, why aren’t they converting?
  • Why should anyone sign up for a demo with us when they don’t know who we are?
  • What do you mean we need content for every stage of the sales funnel?
  • How can we generate awareness without engaging content?
  • Isn’t it too early to invest in SEO?
  • Video? I never watch those videos.
  • Seriously. Why are our LinkedIn company page posts getting only a handful of engagements?

Yes, it can depend. Yes, there are exceptions to the rule (although none spring to mind), but there is no way to really short-circuit B2B marketing.

In the “olden days”, whenever they were, you could get away with pouring money into paid campaigns; promote some snazzy ads, share an eBook at best.

Nowadays, even if someone does you a favor and clicks on your ad, or even fills in a form, they typically need content in order to learn more about you.
If you haven’t got a content strategy in place with actual content to show when your lead has taken the massive step of landing on your website to get to know your business, your marketing is as good as a bucket with a massive hole in it.

In short, no one’s going to buy your product without researching it and your business. And you’d better be ready with plenty of solid content in different formats to speed up that buying process.

Envy will help you with:

We’ve built a team of dedicated B2B tech Inbound Marketers who prioritize understanding everything about your business, goals, and eco-system.

  • Creative and messaging testing (Highly recommended and still Optional).
  • SEO technical audit, discovering when Google loves your website enough to rank it well
  • SEO organic keyword research, gap analysis and recommendations
  • Content strategy, planner and writing – blogs, ebooks, whitepaper, video, emails, landing pages, the list goes on….
  • Paid post promotion on social media channels

This is what we do day in and day out.

The MQLs derived as a result of a solid campaign is the only success criteria we accept.

BrandShield, CISCO Et&I, Astrix, Quantum Machines, Findings, Cool Automation, Entro Security and CyberStar are just a handful of MQL-happy clients who we work with.