hAD enough of"spray and pray"paid marketing campaigns?

Envy's REAL Account Based Marketing (ABM) can help.
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REAL ABM to Reach Your 2024 Goals

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a strategic approach to business marketing that focuses on gaining traction in specific target accounts within a market. It relies on highly personalized campaigns in order to spark interest within those accounts that are most likely to close fastest and with the highest ROI, generate engagement and SQLs, Opportunities... You get the point.

In short, it's nothing new. This is what B2B marketers have been (or should have been) doing for years. And Envy can show you how to make it work in your company. Do you identify with any of the following?
  • Been generating tons of leads that aren’t converting?
  • Is your ROI on paid user acquisition depressing?
  • Got a 6+ months sales cycle with multiple stakeholders involved?
  • Dabbling with ABM solutions and need a guiding hand?

The Envy Way of REAL ABM Strategy

It’s often thought that all Account Based Marketing means uploading targeted lists to LinkedIn. While this can definitely be a part of the process, there’s so much more to REAL ABM solutions.

As an ABM agency, Envy has worked with multiple clients on defining the strategy for and executing Account Based Marketing campaigns. We’ve seen clients move from generating plenty of irrelevant leads to highly targeted, nurtured and relevant opportunities from the specified target companies/accounts. Each client works with an Enviable User Acquisition Strategist to plan your ABM strategy.

Build a Team

Sales <> Marketing <> C-level alignment; Determine your ICP together and where to focus efforts.

Decide on Tech Stack

The tools you will use to plan, create, measure and celebrate every step of the campaign.
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Identify Accounts

Research and build target accounts list that meet the criteria of your ICP; Select the companies & contacts.

Build KPIs & Measurement

Reports and dashboards are key; Tracking the campaign from kickoff to engagement and through to closed won.
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Campaigns & Content

Work on the messaging and type of content needed to attract through specific paid and organic marketing channels.

Create Engagement

Through the right content at the right time and with the appropriate distribution plan; draw them in, engage and nurture.

Benefits of REAL ABM:

  • Improved sales <> marketing <> C-level alignment
  • Increased lead to win conversion rates
  • Maximizing LTV/CAC
  • Higher sales velocity
  • More deals in pipeline
  • Improved lead and customer experience​

Is REAL Account Based Marketing Right for Your Organization

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from Account Based Marketing solutions. As an ABM agency, we believe that it works well for B2B tech companies that fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Companies that sell to large, key accounts (such as Fortune 500-1000s)
  • Companies that sell to accounts in specific industries (finance, tech, eCommerce, health, etc.)
  • Companies with a long sales cycle, typically 6+ months and involving multiple stakeholders
  • Companies with marketing & sales alignment deficiencies (we all have them ;))

If your organization falls into one or more of the above categories, you should seriously consider implementing REAL Account Based Marketing.

By implementing a REAL Account Based Marketing strategy, you can improve alignment between marketing and sales, create more effective campaigns, increase opportunities,  save time and resources, generate more revenue with a better ROI, and improve your customer experience.

Account Based Marketing vs. Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Focuses on lead quantity and marketing funnel

  • Buyer Personas
  • Target Market / Vertical
  • Lead Score
  • MQLs 
  • Attribution to source of lead

Account Based Marketing

Focuses on strengthening engagement as a core of the sales process

  • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
  • Target Account List (Specific Companies)
  • Account Engagement Score
  • Marketing Qualified Accounts
  • Split attribution between touch points
  • Sales Pipeline of “Target Accounts”


ABM stands for Account Based Marketing. It’s a strategic approach in B2B marketing used to target specific accounts with highly personalized campaigns in order to lead them down the funnel. At Envy, as an ABM agency, we help tech companies reach scary goals by shifting their focus from lead quantity to target account quality.

Account Based Marketing solutions are especially beneficial when your aim is to close deals faster and drive a higher ROI. It allows companies to allocate funds to target specific companies that meet their ideal customer profile. Then they can target relevant and specific content at these companies to raise awareness and slowly bring them down the funnel to conversion. This is where ABM differs from other B2B marketing strategies, like lead generation, which focus on attracting wider groups of leads. Read more about ABM vs. traditional approaches.

Many people make the mistake of measuring their account based marketing campaigns on how many leads they generate. But since ABM is all about targeting highly specific accounts which should ideally have engaged with you in the past and be on your CRM, like HubSpot, already. And when you know who your leads are, the aim is engagement with these leads –  through organic or paid user acquisition campaigns, lots of tailored content, email marketing etc.

So which ABM KPIs should you look for? Ultimately, you are looking for shorter sales cycles and ROI; following on from that, your indicators for successful AMB campaigns are higher engagement with your content and activities. If you are sending your target audience to your website you want to be monitoring their time on blog/time on site and conversion rate. If you’re sending out emails, you want to monitor the open and response rates.

Something we’re paying attention to as an ABM agency, KPIs will be quite different depending on which stage of the funnel you’re looking at, for example bottom of the funnel KPIs can be the time to close the deal, the length of the sales cycle, and the volume of the deal.

With well executed ABM campaigns you should expect to see a shorter sales cycle and higher engagement.

As an ABM agency, we actually recommend not restrict to account based marketing only. If the time is right, definitely devote a significant proportion of your budget to it BUT also run general awareness campaigns too. Why? Because then you expand your reach and awareness beyond these companies, building your audience for the future.

Sales <> Marketing <> C-level Alignment. The three teams need to work in unison on ensuring that only the targeted ICPs are engaged and measured. Without it your ABM campaigns are doomed to failure, so start working on that from day 1 and you will see your chances of success rise significantly.

ABM works best when you have a select number of accounts that you choose to target and you target well. This means the list of target accounts should be in the low 1000s (max); you want to be able to keep the messaging as personalized as possible.

To run a successful Account Based Marketing campaign, you’ll need (minimum) a CRM like HubSpot, website visit analytics like LeadFeeder, person-based ads software like Influ2, data tools like ZoomInfo and of course, a platform to publish the ads on, like LinkedIn, X, Google. Those are your baseline and then the list could go on and on…..

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