trying to make senseof all the marketing channels you'reinvesting in?

Envy's Audit can help.
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Need Your Marketing & RevOps to Shift Gear?


Envy Can Help

Give us 7 business days to pour Enviable insights onto you.
  • Paid media campaigns aren’t converting into expected SQLs?
  • Can’t make sense of your HubSpot data and management is frustrated?
  • Got an awesome product-market fit but your audience isn’t converting?
  • You’re creating tons of content but  organic traffic isn’t picking up?

We’ll take a deep dive into any one (or all) of the following and provide you with actionable insights and fixes:

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Paid Campaigns Audit

Is your ad quality score less than 5 AND holding back performance? From bidding strategy and campaign set up to ad copy effectiveness, this audit is sure to inject new conversion energy into even the driest of funnels.
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Inbound Content Audit

Working hard on blogs that are only driving 200 visitors? Perhaps you're boring your ICP! We’ll check it out and fill you in on which content you are missing to attract the right audience and increase engagement.

HubSpot Audit

Is your HubSpot data a mess? Can't get any dashboards to tell the story? We'll provide you with an actionable plan to close the gaps between what your reality and your reporting wish list. Achieve the dashboard of your dreams.
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SEO Audit

Are you dying to rank on the 1st page instead of 8th? We’ll help you help others find you on Google more easily. We’ll review your clusters and keywords to enhance your site's visibility in search engine results.
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Brand or Product Messaging Audit

Is your messaging standing out from the crowd? Are your competitors crushing it or you? What is your messaging missing to become outstanding? We’ll provide the list.

Technical SEO review

Is your website technically sound and SEO-friendly? Grab your thorough report of all the stuff slowing down your website (like site speed, mobile responsiveness, crawlability and more).
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How Much?

  • First service audited: NIS. 10,000/$2,700
  • Each subsequent audit: NIS. 8,000/$2,200
    (VAT will be added where relevant)

Give us 7 business days and we’ll walk you hand in hand through our findings to determine what to introduce, keep, adjust or drop completely, leaving you with a detailed list of actions.

How We Can Help You

Altogether, this process will take 7 business days max!
Fill out this form and select your audit/s
We’ll Zoom and discuss your 2024 Marketing &/or RevOps woes
You make a <very cost effective> payment :)
Provide Envy with account access
Envy audits
Envy presents (Zoom & presentation) practical insights & recommendations
  • What we set out to audit
  • Top findings
  • Top quick wins/recommendations
  • Are you on track to meet your KPIs/goals
Rejoice, panic, get to work

Why Choose The Envy Audit

It’s the bread and butter of what
we do in practice, not just theory
since 2014
We’re a
HubSpot Diamond
It’s tough enough out there nowadays; who’d say no to a
professional, soothing guiding hand?!
We don’t believe in hacks and silver bullets, but we do believe in
tested methods to thrash your 2024 business goals

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