Outsource Your Weakness!

Every marketer has a weakness and it's easy to outsource that weakness to a marketing agency. Billy Cina tells it to you straight. It could be in PPC, Inbound, Marketing Operations. That is what you need to outsource to an agency. Keep your strengths in house and take your weaknesses out of the house.

When should startups begin marketing?

Sharon Seemann of YL Ventures tells you when to start your startup marketing.

Messaging Problems in the Management

This is how you convince your management that they have a messaging problem.

How to eliminate bland messaging

Another way of eliminating bland B2B messaging is try to establish what kind of company you are.

Is ABM right for you?

ABM means a lot of different things to a lot of different people and that's ok.

How much do you care about lead attribution – CEO of Gong

"I care about lead attribution more as a long term thing. It may not be right for every company, I'm just describing what was true for Gong".

Is now the time to be focusing on personal brand?

You can argue about exactly what personal branding is, whether it is a thing or isn't but you can't argue about the fact that it's out there. So definitely personal branding is a thing, but putting that aside personal brand is much more than just a fad or just a trend.

What is different about your marketing today vs. pre Covid19?

Amit Bendov, CEO of Gong

Not Another ABM Meeting

It's not their fault, literally no one knows what ABM is, what it does or how to measure it. And the ones that do, don't know how to do it properly. Fortunately, Marketing Envy can help get your ABM program off the ground and you can get back to doing important things like finding an excuse to avoid the next zoom call.