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From seed to exit in 24 months

Portshift’s traffic rocketed and their LinkedIn posts got them noticed by Cisco. A few months later they were acquired.


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ABM Live – What is this Influ2 we keep hearing about

Amit Lavi, Idan Carmeli and Maya Dror Melamed discuss Influ2 -- what it is, its role in ABM and the success they have had with Influ2 at Mobideo.

B2B in 2021 – Enough Rope To Hang Yourself With

So I claim that 2021 has provided B2B marketers with enough marketing budget to basically hang themselves with, in a good and in a not so good way.

Michael Yehoshua shares B2B Marketing Gems

Michael Yehoshua, SCADAfence talks shares 3 B2B Marketing Gems to keep for 2021 and which 3 to drop.

Adi Gazit Blecher shares B2B Marketing Gems

Adi Gazit Blecher, Checkmarx talks about her success, and shares 3 B2B Marketing Gems to adopt and which 3 to drop.

Kobi Katzal, Guesty shares B2B Marketing Gems

Kobi Katzal, Guesty shares 3 B2B Marketing Gems to keep for 2021 and which 3 to drop.